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On this page I will give you a detailed BullionStar review. Table of contents below for this post:

  1. BullionStar.com video review
  2. Tax free gold and silver in Singapore
  3. BullionStar.com much cheaper than European dealers
  4. BullionStar.com the best bullion dealer in Singapore
  5. About BullionStar Singapore
  6. Why you should buy bullion from BullionStar.com
  7. BullionStar.com high security storage
  8. BullionStar.com audit strength
  9. Great online interface with BullionStar Singapore

Singapore is a great location for your international diversification needs – being one of the safest banking destinations in the world. If you haven’t bought gold bullion or silver bullion before from Singapore, and you are looking at making an informed decision on the best silver bullion and gold bullion dealer there then read on below for my BullionStar review and make sure you watch the video review.

If you are interested in learning how BullionStar.com compare to other bullion dealers click here – BullionStar Singapore review

There are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider buying and storing gold and silver bullion in Singapore.

1. BullionStar.com Singapore video review

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2. Tax free gold and silver in Singapore

Since October 2012 there is no GST – tax or VAT – levied on silver bullion or gold bullion. This means that if you purchase bullion from Singapore you will generally save a lot of money, as most countires in for example Europe will add an additional 10-25% of tax.

Singapore as a location is very attractive due to its low level of crime, stabile economy and for being geographically separated from many bankrupt western nations. This means that you can buy and store your bullion in Singapore securely, without having the same concern about government confiscation as you would in many other countries. Singapore is very attractive for both buying and storing your precious metals as a way of diversifying your country risk.

3. BullionStar.com much cheaper than European dealers

One of the main drivers for where you buy bullion from is always price, so let’s compare Singapore with for example United Kingdom.

Prices for buying 1 one troy oz American Silver Eagle Coin

The following price comparison is from Aug 2015

BullionStar.com price – £12.61

Biggest UK bullion dealer price – £23.38 with VAT and £19.47 without VAT

As you can see the difference is HUGE for one single coin. The UK distributor does get cheaper if you buy more coins but it never gets as cheap as BullionStar.com…..even if you remove the VAT charge.

So its as much as 85% more expensive to buy from the biggest UK distributor compared to BullionStar.com. The differences will more or less be the same when compared with the main distributors in other European countries.

4. BullionStar.com the best bullion dealer in Singapore


As a start in my BullionStar review I’d like to provide you with some general comments, after which we can go into detail about the company and pro’s and con’s of becoming a customer.

When you buy gold bullion and silver bullion in Singapore there are many dealers to choose from. From my own experience there is often a lack of alternatives in inventory and/or you usually pay pretty hefty premiums. Since buying online always comes with a risk I’m definitely wary of the websites that look and seem unprofessional, or built in a hurry. If the company, on the other hand, has a very strong online presence it gives you more confidence in them. You have to remember that buying comes with a risk – but if you decide to store your metals with a provider then you absolutely have to be certain that you can trust them.

When I buy I’m looking for low premiums, wide inventory range and the possibility of storing locally – all with the push of a button. I’ve found that BullionStar.com ticks all of these boxes….and more.

BullionStar.com offers the cheapest silver bullion prices and the best gold bullion prices in Singapore. They also provide you with a period of FREE storage – at the time this review was written, for 2 whole years. You can choose to buy for delivery or for storage AND you can also choose to use “Vault Gram” – buying small, one gram, fractions of physically allocated gold bullion and silver bullion. BullionStar.com also provides a wealth of news and research, updated on a daily basis. The depth of their inhouse research is unparalleled when compared with any other bullion distributor, no matter which location I’ve looked at.

5. About BullionStar Singapore


BullionStar.com was founded in 2012 by individuals with long experience from the bullion industry as a result of the changed GST (or taxation) or gold and silver bullion in Singapore.

The main people behind the company already operate the leading bullion distributors in several other countries.One of the founders of BullionStar, Mr. Torgny Persson, established Liberty Silver AB in Sweden in 2008 and Liberty Silver OÜ in Estonia in 2011. Another founder of BullionStar, Mr. Joakim Andersson, is also the managing director of Bullion International Ltd which is a service provider for bullion dealers and information companies in the precious metals industry.

As of July 2014 BullionStar provides a unique one stop shop for bullion – in which customers can view, buy, deposit, store, audit, sell and physically withdraw bullion.

6. Why you should buy bullion from BullionStar.com


Below is a list of the main reasons for why I belive BullionStar.com is great bullion distributor to be a client of.

1. Option of both delivery and local storage

Singapore to me is a very attractive location – if not the most attractive location – for international diversification. Hence, I’m not really looking for taking delivery of my bullion when buying from there. But of course, there may be instances when I would prefer to take delivery directly. With BullionStar.com you have both options which is the way I like it.

The storage option really is unprecedented: All bullion in storage has 100% physical allocation, the bullion is stored separately in the individual clients names, all bullion holdings are insured at low cost, the facilities are regularly audited by multiple parties (both internal and independant external onces) and finally the storage is in one of the most secure jurisdictions in the world in a very safe facility.

2. Attractive prices

BullionStars prices are very attractive. They probably have the lowest prices in Singapore. Even by international standards and comparison BullionStars prices are very low for gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum and numismatics. Furthermore, as mentioned in multiple places on this website there is no GST (VAT or sales tax) on bullion in Singapore since 2012. This makes buying bullion bars and coins there extremely attractive. Sometimes, for smaller numbers of coins, it can be as much as 100%+ more expensive to buy bullion elsewhere when comparing to the premier dealers in countries such as the UK and USA.

3. Wide range of products

There is a wide range of products offered through BullionStar. You will be able to find silver, gold and platinum bars and coins as well as numismatics. If you are unfamilar with the latter there is basically three types of bullion: pure bullion which is the most common coins, semi-numismatics which are coins with a collectors value but that has a very high bullion purity as well and finally numismatics which are coins with a lesser bullion grade and where the value comes from the collectors valuation. Bullionstar finally also offers the possibiliy of purchasing VaultGrams which basically is gold, silver and platinum by the gram. It’s a flexible way of buying bullion if you for instance can’t buy a full coin or bar.

4. Great website and interface

BullionStar.com’s website is really unprecidented when it comes to the wealth of information it provides and how accesible the information is. It is evident that the founders have been able to draw from their experience of running multiple bullion dealers in several countries. BullionStar is the end product of that experience. I use bullion distributors in many countries and this service really sticks out.

5. Great customer service

Not much to say here really. If you’ve ever tried other bullion distributors you will notice the difference in the interaction with the BullionStar staff. Rapid responses. Friendly. Overall a very good experience.

6. Easy to both buy and sell

You want to have a smooth experience both when buying and selling. BullionStar provides much clarity in terms of the pricing picture for both buying and selling. Buying is obviously easy to do with a click and selling is made easy both if you store your bullion in BullionStars vaults as well as if you own VaultGrams and if you decide to visit their shop or ship your bullion to them.

7. Informative website

I have to say that this is one of the main strengths of BullionStar, apart from the product range and pricing. Regular columnists provide a wealth of information on everything from macroeconomics to bullion specific news. A great way of staying up to date on events that may affect securities prices as well as the prices for gold and silver.

8. Industry wide reputation and experience

When choosing a bullion dealer it is important with trust. You need to be sure that the bullion you buy is real bullion because fakes do exist. If you also decide to store your products with a dealer you need to be certain you are dealing with a legitimate company. Not only does BullionStar provide a wide range of audits, they also hold several certificates and finally they are recognized as a premier international bullion dealer. The founders have proven track records from companies such as Liberty Silver Sweden and Libert Silver Estonia. Furthermore, the founders names are mentioned on the website. This is very rarely the case with other bullion distributors. This does not make other distributors fakes…but it shows what caliber of service BullionStar provides.

9. International

BullionStar operates a full international business with clients all over the world. It’s not a one man shop. You can trust to be able to order and take delivery in most places in the world. If you’re serious about buying bullion as an insurance and your serious about international diversification this level of flexibility will be key.

10. Physical presence

For myself, being based in the UK at the moment, this is of lesser value. But it’s still a statement in itself to have a storefront and it’s a great service for local customers as well as customers who travel in. In some cases you will simply feel more comfortable dealing with someone face to face.

Conclusion – BullionStar is one of the best bullion dealers I’ve come across. They more or less tick all the boxes and should be on your list of preferred bullion distributors.

7. BullionStar.com high security storage

When talking about BullionStar.com it’s important to especially mention the storage option they offer. For a long time it was completely free and it still will be until 2016. When choosing a provider for any kind of silver bullion storage and gold bullion storage I would recommend that you ensure that your distributor provides the services below. BullionStar Singapore ticks all of these boxes.

1. Fully Allocatedyour bullion has 100% physical allocation ie you don’t get an IOU or partial allocation from the dealer

2. Segregatedyour bullion stored separately in your name

3. Insuredyour bullion is insured at low cost

4. Audited your bullion possession and storage is regularly audited by a third party

5. Secured  – your bullion is stored in the most secure facilities in the most secure jurisdiction

If you are interested in reading further then click through via this link – My Vault storage https://www.bullionstar.com/vault/?section=bullion-storage-solution

8. BullionStar.com audit strength

BullionStar provides five types of audit possibilities:

1. Live Audit Reportall bullion stored with BullionStar is updated real time and customers can verify their own account numbers and holdings

2. LBMA-approved Third Party Auditor – Bureau Veritas conducts full bi-annual audits

3. Customer Auditsvisit BullionStars shop and/or check the photos of your holdings

4. Internal Inventory AuditsBullionStar conducts frequent internal audits through a proprietary “blind” testing system where the auditor is unaware of the correct holding amount

5. Financial Audit/Stock Inventory AuditBullionStar is finally also audited financially by a Singapore licensed auditor in accordance with Singaporean law

If you are interested in reading further then click through via this link –  Auditing https://www.bullionstar.com/vault/?section=bullion-audits

9. Great online interface with BullionStar Singapore

I’d like to share some screen shots with you from my BullionStar.com online account just to show you how informative the interface really is.

Online account – overview

You can also click through to a detailed overview of your holdings. On this page you are able to click through to other sheets for adding to your holdings or selling as well as arranging for delivery of your stored bullion.


BullionStars account overview is very detailed and will split the holdings that you have in My Vault based on the type of metal and product (coin, vaultgram etc) as well as list what the average buy price was, the current price, % change, the total value as well as the return both in % as well as absolute terms.


 Order overview

On the order overview page you’ll have an historical overview of all of your past orders as well as links to detailed invoices.


Personal storage certificate

If you for any reason should need a certificate of your holdings BullionStar also provides this.


Personal storage inventory photos

One feature which I find highly attractive is the ability to access photos of your own holdings. This cements BullionStars reputation as a first class bullion storage provider.



BullionStar.com Singapore

BullionStar.com – buy the cheapest silver bullion

If you are looking at buying gold bullion and buying silver bullion tax free and VAT free as well as utilising local storage options then click on the link below.

To place an order click here: https://www.bullionstar.com/


BullionStar.com Singapore review – video review

Have a look at the BullionStar review in the video below. Get some quick facts on why you should consider buying from and storing bullion in Singapore.


BullionStar.com Singapore

Buy cheapest bullion in Singapore – BullionStar.com

If you are looking at buying gold bullion and buying silver bullion tax free and VAT free as well as utilising local storage options then click on the link below.

To place an order click here: https://www.bullionstar.com/


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