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If you are looking to buy bullion online in Singapore make sure to choose the best bullion distributor.


The premier location outside of Europe and the US to buy bullion is Singapore, which since October 2012 don’t levy GST on silver bullion or gold bullion. This means that you will save a considerable amount when purchasing silver bullion especially, compared to Europe where the cost typically will be an additional 10-25% depending on the value added tax level in the country where you live.

Paying an additional 10-25% will make your break even level a lot higher – especially at times when the market is under stress, when premiums can increase by up to 80-90%.

Singapore is attractive as a location due to its low level of crime, stabile economy and for being geographically separated from many bankrupt western nations. This means that you can buy and store your bullion in Singapore securely, without having the same concern about government confiscation as you would in many other countries.

When choosing a provider in Singapore for silver bullion storage and gold bullion storage I would recommend that you ensure that your distributor provides the services below:

Fully Allocated

All bullion ownership have 100% physical allocation


Your bullion stored separately in your name


Full insurance at low cost


Storage facilities audited


Low risk jurisdiction with the most secure facilities

If you would like to buy bullion in Singapore and/or arrange for storage then I would recommend, the premier distributor in Singapore.

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