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If you want to buy gold bullion then check out this short gold bullion buyers guide first.

Background on gold and silver prices

First of all some background information on gold and silver prices. To make an informed decision on whether to buy gold bullion or not you both need to understand the historical and current fundamental price drivers for gold, as well as how the current, technical price movements create great opportunities.

  • Gold and silver have enjoyed a strong secular bull market since the early 2000’s, and even though they saw a fall during the financial crisis of 2008-2009 prices quickly recovered and reached new highs
  • It wasn’t until mid-2011 when a cyclical downturn dragged markets down further
  • In early 2014 gold and silver seem to have stabilized and both technical and fundamental drivers looks stronger than in a long time
  • There are furthermore issues with supply constraints due to the prolonged period of falling prices

Details on gold price movement

  • The price of gold has fallen with over 51%, from $1897.46 in the end of August 2011 to $1254.10 by the end of January 2014
  • This drop has to a large extent been driven by the fear of tapering of quantitative easing (QE3), the U.S. fiscal cliff and a general negative sentiment, with heavy ETF outflows for gold
  • The extreme bearish sentiment that we currently are witnessing in futures positions has often, in the past, lead to significant gains
  • Movements in gold will impact the entire precious metals space

1970s gold bull market and today’s bull market

  • During the bull market in gold of the 1970’s, the price decreased significantly in an intermediate cycle low, before staging a come-back and going on to reach new highs. The price performance of the current bull market has, so far, been very similar to the last secular bull market

10 reasons for buying gold bullion today

Below is a list of 10 current reasons for why you should buy gold bullion today

1. Gold is money

2. Gold preserves value over the long run

3. Gold acts as a crisis hedge

4. Gold protects value during periods of higher inflation

5. Deflation

6. Limited supply

7. No counterparty risk

8. Gold is anonymous

9. Gold is portable

10. Diversification

Why buy silver bullion instead of gold bullion

Before you start buying gold bullion have a look at the key reasons for buying silver bullion first…..there are very compelling reasons for owning silver bullion today. More here: buying silver bullion

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