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If you are interested in buying silver bullion there are some things you need to know straight away:

1. Why should you buy silver bullion?

2. Where should you buy silver bullion from?

3. What silver bullion should you buy?

Let’s go through the answers to these questions one by one.

1. Why buy silver bullion

There is a wide range of reasons for why you should buy silver bullion today. Let’s start with a list of reasons for buying it today, followed by why you should choose silver over gold and finally why silver offers some exceptional opportunities today.

Why buy silver bullion today

1. Real interest rates are negative today

2. Money printing and stimulus dilutes currencies and increases value of precious metals

3. Increased central bank buying activity of precious metals

4. Change of risk weightings in Basel III favouring precious metals

5. Increased private and institutional ownership of silver

6. The decline of the U.S. dollar creates turmoil and safe haven demand

7. Budget deficits and debt increases demand for “real” assets

8. Currency wars – competitive currency devaluation creates uncertainty and precious metals demand

9. Silver is a safe haven

10. Supply constraints for silver

11. Promotion of gold and silver ownership is only now starting to increase

If you would like to get a detailed description of this list then read more about how to buy tax free silver here. 

Why choose silver over gold

– The gold silver ratio

Although most precious metals are interesting today, silver is probably the one that sticks out. Why is that?

Something that can explain this is the so-called “gold silver ratio”. It is defined as the price of gold divided by the price of silver.

The graph below shows the gold silver ratio between 1687 to 2012.


There is 15 or 20 times more silver in the Earth, but much of this may never, under any circumstance, be financial viable to mine.

Other ratios:

  • 9:1 is the ratio of silver to gold annual mine production
  • 1:6 is the estimated ratio of economic silver to gold in the ground
  • 5:1 is the estimated physical ratio of all silverware, silver/gold jewelry and other stocks above ground
  • 1:1 is the year-to-date ratio of investment dollar demand.
  • 3:1 (more silver than gold) is the physical ratio of silver and and coins/bullion

Since the beginning of the 1990s silver has clearly been on a rise versus gold, thereby decreasing the ratio, so the overall trend is that silver is appreciating versus gold. If silver was to return to it’s historical average, with a ratio of between 17:1 to 27.28:1, the silver price would be between $65-$104 (given a gold price per ounce of $1772). That leaves room for a significant price increase from the current level.

The gold silver ratio should not be used as the sole tool for timing investments in silver, but it does add to the range of positive drivers for silver.

You can read more about the gold/silver ratio here.

– Silver has more price potential than gold

Silver is a very difficult metal to trade. Due to its price volatility it has often been described as “the devils metal”…or as one trader from HSBC put it “like gold on crack”. My point here is just to caution you on taking on too much risk when investing in silver securities, especially leveraged silver securities. Physical ownership of silver, which predominantly acts as a crisis hedge and value preservation, not speculation, is by definition not as sensitive.

A strong case for buying silver today

There are two very compelling reasons for buying silver bullion today – an extreme negative sentiment in futures positions and strong similarities between the current secular bull market and the one in the 1970’s.

In the past, bearish sentiment like we currently are seeing in futures positions has lead to significant gains – as in 2007-2008 and 2008-2011

The longevity of a potential rally is still unclear as it will be determined by many factors, both technical and fundamental


During the bull market in silver of the 1970’s, the spot price decreased with 43% in an intermediate cycle low. In the current cycle, the low point has been a 61% thus far

The low point in the 1970’s was reached after 482 trading days, after which it took an additional 779 trading days to reach the previous high – for a total of 1261 trading days from intermediate top-to bottom-back to intermediate top. The drop in the current bull market has been both longer and deeper


2. Where to buy silver bullion

The question of where you should buy silver bullion is easy to answer – you should buy silver bullion in a jurisdiction where there is no VAT or tax – like Estonia and Singapore. If you are looking for local storage to diversify your holdings, then Singapore is the absolute best choice for you.

Below you’ll find my two most recommended dealers of silver bullion.


Liberty Silver Estonia

Estonia – buy silver bullion

Liberty Silver Estonia is partly owned by the people behind Sweden’s biggest bullion distributor; Liberty Silver Sweden. Highly reliable service. Buy UK silver VAT free and arrange for shipping directly to your home.

To place an order click here: Singapore

Singapore – silver bullion storage and sales

Bullionstar is owned by the people behind Sweden’s biggest bullion distributor; Liberty Silver Sweden as well as Liberty Silver Estonia. This service is very high quality and reliable service with the possibility of local storage in Singapore – perfect for your international diversification needs. Singapore is the premiere banking jurisdiction in the world. Buy VAT free silver in Singapore.

To place an order click here:

You can get two years of free local, high-secure, storage in Singapore with

For suggestions on what type of silver bullion to buy from BullionStar – silver bullion bars or silver bullion coins – click here: what silver bullion to buy


3. What silver bullion you should buy

There is a wide range of silver buying options. For most, buying the most internationally well-known coins and bars is the way to go. This will make it easy for you to value and sell your possessions in the future as you will own the most well-known and liquid types of silver.

Try buying real coins and bars to start off with if you can afford it instead of buying so called vault grams or saving up to a bar or coin by buying internationally. You will want to make sure that you own your own holdings and can take them with you or arrange for delivery to you at any time. You can do this with silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars – but not with 35% of a silver bar.

Below is a short list of suggestions for your purchase.

Silver bars

buy silver bullion bar

American Silver Eagle – 1 oz Coin

buy silver bullion coin

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – 1 oz Coin

buy silver bullion coin

Austrian Silver Philharmonic – 1 oz Coin

Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin

Would you like a detailed description of what silver bullion to buy? Then click on here: what silver bullion should I buy

Further information about what silver bullion to buy:

If you wish to invest into something valuable or ensure some money reserves for black days, silver bullions may be your best option. It is much better to keep your wealth in silver than in paper bills. The bills can always lose their value, but silver will always be steady or even increase in value. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean you can buy any silver you see. It is best if you can invest in high-quality and reliable silver, which has a well-known mark and high silver purity. This explains why some silver bullions are more expensive than others. So, concerning the different types of silver bullions, like coins and bars, here is what you need to know to help you decide what silver bullion to buy.

Silver bars, or even rounds, are the most highly met form of investment in silver. Many people who wish to have a financial security will invest in a silver bar or round. The only difference between these two silver bullions is the shape. The bar is rectangular, and the round is, well, round. They also come in a high variety of sizes, starting from 1 oz. and going up to 100 oz. But do expect to pay more for smaller bars, as they are more expensive and can increase their value in time more than larger bars. Although larger bars are preferred by the ones that wish to purchase large amounts of silver at once.

Silver coins are the most sought after, especially by collectors. But they are also the most expensive form or silver bullions. Even if they are rather small in shape, their value is given by the mint of the manufacturing country and even manufacturing date. Thus, the American Eagle is the mint of the USA, Canada has the Canadian Maple Leaf and China has the Silver Panda. So each country will have a distinct symbol on their traditional coins. But don’t expect to find these coins everywhere. They are so valued and precious because they are so scarce. Many private collectors chase them, in order to increase their silver coin portfolio.

Make your first silver bullion purchase now!


Liberty Silver Estonia

Buy Silver Bullion in Estonia

When you buy silver bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia you are buying from the best dealer in Estonia. The company is partly owned by the founders of Sweden’s biggest bullion distributor; Liberty Silver Sweden – the premier bullion distributor in Sweden. Buy silver bullion and arrange for shipping directly to your home from Liberty Silver Estonia.

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Buy Silver Bullion in Singapore

Bullionstar is owned by the people behind Sweden’s biggest bullion distributor; Liberty Silver Sweden as well as Liberty Silver Estonia.This is a team with great experience from providing the cheapest silver bullion. Just by having a look at their website, with in-depth weekly articles on gold, silver and macro, you realise that you are dealing with the best company in Singapore for buying silver bullion.

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You can buy VAT free silver straight from the UK. A highly reliable service from an experienced team, operating in multiple countries.

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