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It doesn’t really matter who you buy your bullion from….it matters from where you buy. If you want to buy the cheapest silver bullion – up to 70% cheaper than mainstream dealers – then you need to read this…….

I will outline the details of how you can find and buy the cheapest silver bullion, but also what type of silver bullion you should buy.

Table of contents for this post:

  1. Why it matters where you buy your bullion from
  2. Price comparison of cheapest silver bullion distributors
  3. Top 12 reasons for buying silver today
  4. What silver bullion you should buy
  5. Where to find the cheapest silver bullion

cheapest silver bullion

1. Why it matters where you buy your bullion from

Any buyer of silver bullion is naturally interested in finding the cheapest silver bullion prices, and prices will vary depending on which provider you choose. The biggest impact on price won’t be decided by which bullion distributor you choose from though, it will be decided by where you buy your bullion from, because in some countries you can buy silver bullion without paying tax or VAT.

Buying silver bullion from a location such as Estonia or Singapore will save you A LOT of money. Locations which aren’t free of VAT/tax on silver, such as the United Kingdom or any other European country, can put you under water by as much as 70% if you are interested in buying your bullion and selling it back. Sound unreasonable? It’s not.

Recently Liberty Silver Estonia offered Canadian Silver Maple Leafs for £12 whereas the biggest UK distributor offered them at £23 (and the buyback price was £9.90…..). The same situation would apply when you buy silver bullion from in Singapore where silver also is offered free of VAT/tax.

  • Naturally, the numbers mentioned above is a snapshot from 2015 but the % difference will still apply today

2. Price comparison of cheapest silver bullion distributors

As described the choice of bullion distributor doesn’t matter nearly as much as the choice of location for your purchase when finding the cheapest silver bullion prices. It can still be interesting to compare some of the main UK bullion distributors to get a sense of how much cheaper Singapore and Liberty Silver Estonia really are. The price in the table below are from September 2015.  CLICK the table for a sharper image (and “back” to revert to this page).

If you don’t have the patience to read this I can tell you right now that and Liberty Silver Estonia both are between 55-70%+ cheaper than any of the UK bullion distributors….

Bullion price comparison

3. Top 12 reasons for buying silver bullion today

Here are 12 very strong reasons for allocating funds to silver bullion today.

1. Silver is real money and a store of wealth


Throughout history both gold and silver have been used as money and medium of exchange. The reasons for this are many. Silver is for example the only financial asset that at the same time isn’t someone elses corresponding liability and it has held its value over time very well.

2. Silver works as a crisis hedge and an insurance policy for unknown events


One of the reasons silver is so attractive as “insurance” is that during times of crisis it typically performs better than many other financial assets – holding its value and protecting wealth. It’s important to distinguish between “paper silver”, such as ETFs and futures, and physical silver bullion when making this comparison as physical silver seems to have become increasingly detached from the paper market. Often when the paper prices of silver is falling there is increased buying of physical silver.

3. Debt and deficits are increasing for many nations driving up political & economic risks


Global debt levels are increasing, and in some countries at alarming rates. Since the 1970s we’ve experinced a tremendous growth but this has to a large extent been fueled by debt. Today, countries such as USA, Japan and the UK have higher debt levels that ever has been repaid in history. Typically, a 90% debt to GDP level is viewed as a threshold from which repaying debt rarely have been possible without resorting to currency debasement and other inflationary measures. Ultimateluy, these initiatives have proven very destructive to savers.

4. Money printing and fiscal stimulus increases the risk for hyperinflation and busts


Closely tied to the previous point about debt levels the last few years since the financial crisis of 2008 have seen an unprecedented increase in the supply of money. Although much of stimulus currently is held by banks and not circulating in the economy it has translated into inflated asset prices. It is only a quesiton of time before the effects will move in the real economy affecting goods ans services in a way we’ve yet to see. Offical inflation numbers does not properly capture the effects of the stimulus actions as how we measure inflation has been changed on multiple occassions. For example, the current inflation rate in the US is 0.2% but if we were to use the calculation method from the 1980s it would be around 7% which is a significant difference. You can read more about this here:

5. Growing demand for silver from an investment perspective


Investment in physical silver has become an increasingly important driver for the general demand for silver over the last few years, reaching 185 million ounces in 2010, 132 million ounces in 2011 and 160 million ounces in 2012 – rising by 18% since 2008. Its interesting to note how physical bullion demand is soaring at times when the spot price for silver is falling, as displayed by the sales figures for U.S Mint Silver Eagles above.

6. Limited current supply and uncertain future supply


Total mine supply is up for the tenth consecutive year but the total silver supply has decreased since the top in 2010. There is furthermore a possibility of supply constraints given the magnitude of the drop in the silver price.

7. Industrial metal with an increasing range of applications


Silver is a very useful metal with a growing range of areas of application.

8. Silver is cheaper than gold – the “common man’s” gold


Silver is considerably cheaper than its cousin gold. This does add to the attractiveness of silver from an investment perspective as few people can invest in large, or even small, amounts of gold coins. Despite the fact that the price of gold has fallen since the top in 2011 one 1 ounce gold coin will still cost over USD 1000 today. Silver is thus much more affordable, and by offering the possibility of purchasing bars instead of coins the spread will also be less.

9. Silver is still not well known as an investment


Institutional ownership as a percentage of global financial assets is low. Many pension funds have only a very limited exposure to precious metals. For individuals the situation is similar. In most of Europe and the U.S. you are swamped with advertising for “cash for gold”. People are encouraged to sell their gold and silver at low prices. There is very little information about actually owning precious metals. Tell your friends that you think about buying a silver bar and they will look at you strangely.

10. Silver has more price potential than gold


Silver offers more price pontetial that gold. Due to its volatility it has often been described as “the devils metal”. Be careful with taking on too much risk when investing in silver securities, especially leveraged silver securities. Physical ownership of silver, which predominantly acts as a crisis hedge and value preservation, not speculation, is by definition not as sensitive.

11. Silver is undervalued compared to gold


The so-called “gold silver ratio” is defined as the price of gold divided by the price of silver. The avergae ratio between 1687-2012 was 27.28. Since the beginning of the 1990s silver has been on a rise versus gold, thereby decreasing the ratio, so the overall trend is that silver is appreciating versus gold. If silver was to return to it’s historical average, with a ratio of between 17:1 to 27.28:1, the silver price would be between $39-$65 (given a gold price per ounce of $1064). That leaves room for a significant price increase from the current level.

12. Significant risk in silver paper market so interest for bullion will increase


As displayed by the graph above the price volatility of paper silver has clearly increased since the 1980s. Today there are questionmarks on whether many of the silver ETFs really hold the physical amount of silver they claim to. The amount of futures contracts that trade based on siver also dwarf the actual physical amount available. At some point there is a risk of a real detachement between paper silver and physical silver.

4. What silver bullion you should buy

There is a wide range of options when you are looking to buy the cheapest silver bullion. For most buyers, purchasing the most recognized coins and bars is the way to start. This will make it easy to value and sell holdings in the future as you will own the most well-known and liquid types of silver.

Try buying real coins and bars to start off with if you can afford it instead of buying so called vault grams. You will want to make sure that you own your own holdings and can take them with you or arrange for delivery to you at any time. You can do this with silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars – but not with 35% of a silver bar.

Below is a short list of suggestions for your purchase.

Various silver bars

buy cheap silver bullion bar

Silver bars come in many different sizes and brands. Some well known ones are Heraeus, PAMP, Umicore and Metalor. Some typical weights are 100 gram, 5oz, 250 gram, 10oz, 500 gram, 1 kg and 5 kg. You can read more about silver bars on Wikipedia:

Various silver coins

Below is a list of the most common silver coins. If you are interested in getting an overview then Wikipedia provides a good one here:

Silver American Eagle (1 oz) Coin

Cheapest Silver American Eagle Coin

Silver Eagles are the most minted and most popular silver bullion coin in the world. Silver Eagles have been minted since 1986. Silver Eagles have the classic design reproduced from the Walking Liberty half-dollar introduced in 1917. The symbolism of the eagle and the shield depicts American strength and freedom.

The content and weight of the Silver Eagles are officially guaranteed by the US government. Being the most recognized silver bullion coin around the world, the Silver Eagle is suitable for anyone that wish to invest or diversify in real money i.e. precious metals.

Read more on Wikipedia:

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf (1 oz) Coin

Cheapest Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Silver Maples have been produced since 1988 and are the most recognised silver bullion coin after Silver Eagles. The design features the maple leaf on the reverse with the queen on the obverse. Read more on Wikipedia:

Silver Austrian Philharmonic (1 oz) Coin

Cheapest Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin

The Silver Philharmonic is the first bullion coin denominated in Euros and Europe’s only pure bullion coin being minted based on investment demand. Silver Philharmonics have been minted since 2008 and depicts the classic Austrian theme of the famed Philharmonics orchestra.Read more  on Wikipedia:

5. Where to find the cheapest silver bullion

I have two preferred bullion distributors. Both of which have long track records in serving an international client base. Singapore

Singapore – buy the cheapest silver bullion

Bullionstar is Singapores premier bullion distributor. Highly attractive prices, a wide range of silver bullion coins and bars as well as the benefit of operating from one of the safest jurisdictions in the world. With Bullionstar you can get access to free local storage. Read more here about the benefits of Singapore when buying and storing silver bullion: Choosing BullionStar is perfect if you are looking for safe international diversification.

To place an order click here:

Want to know what silver bullion to buy from BullionStar? Click here for more information: what silver bullion to buy

Liberty Silver Estonia

Estonia – buy the cheapest silver bullion

Liberty Silver Estonia is owned by people with long experience from bullion distribution. Part of the team and ownership stems form Swedens best bullion distributor – Liberty Silver Sweden. The same people also runs (see above for further information). You can order the cheapest silver bullion straight from your own home and have it shipped to you.

To place an order click here:


Additional information:

If you are looking for further reading about cheap silver bullion I’ve added an introduction below.

How to find and buy cheap silver bullion

Silver is a highly appreciated metal, both for its value and affordable price. It remains in demand constantly because not only is it used for jewelry, but in many other fields such as industry and consumer electronics.

The investment demand for silver bullion is continuously growing and there are several options when making a purchase – either silver coins or silver bars.

When one intends to establish a collection, make a long term investment or simply make a one-off purchase, it means having to spend money. To make sure that the money is allocated optimally finding the cheapest silver bullion on the market for each respective product is key.

Before completing a purchase there are some aspects one needs to think about. Firstly, one should know that silver coins come in several types. They are not comprised of one single group, so it’s important to know how to differentiate them. Secondly, according to their type, the silver coins will serve a purpose, like an investment or perhaps being more of a collectors item. Knowing ones purpose for making the investment makes it easier to choose the correct coin. Most investors buy silver bullion coins as an insurance for unknown events. Some do it for speculation on a rising silver price. After having started buying many become more interested in diversifying their holdings to many kind sof silver coins – both bullion and numismatics. Finally, knowing know how to purchase silver coins safely, without exposing yourself to the risk of losing money, will be a key part of buying silver bullion. Since there are many people looking to collect and invest in silver bullion coins and bars there will always be people who try to prey on this.

Regarding the types of silver coins, there are the silver bullion coins, which have the highest silver purity, of .999 or even higher. These can be found with bullion dealers and distributors, both online and with physical locations. Both buying and selling of these coins are transparent – based on the spot market and spreads. Then, there are the numismatic silver coins, which are the ones typically bought by coin collectors. The value of such coin is given by the silver content, numismatic premium and the profit the dealer is trying to make. Of course, rare coins will always be more expensive, as they are not guided by the silver spot price. The semi-numismatic coins are another coin, which are bought more for their silver content, and less for their numismatic value. And finally, there are the pre-1964 junk silver coins, like dimes, old quarters, Franklin half-dollars, Morgan dollars and others. As the name suggests, these coins contain the smallest amount of silver. They range from 35% to 90% silver.

The cheapest silver coin will be the ones that have the best quality – for each individual investors specific needs – at the best price. Finding a dealer that has the cheapest silver bullion prices is not always the best option. One needs to look into the future and see what one wishes to do with the silver. Does one intend to sell it for a better price as quickly as possible? Collect and hold until its value rises over time? Or is it intended for a private collection with the purpose of holiding it over the foreseable future? The cheapest silver bullion coin is the one that fits the most of the individual investors requirements and comes at the most reasonable price.

Silver bars are another way to buy silver, especially in larger quantities. As silver, compared to gold, is relativeley cheap one can get a lot more of it when making a purchase. Thus, it may make sense for storage reasons to also hold silver bars. The majority of the available silver bars weight about 100 oz, although they can be found in a range from 1 to 1000 oz. Except for rare cases silver bars always have a high silver purity – typically of .999. Silver bullion bars, just as silver coins, serves as protection against inflation and a way to preserve wealth, especially in unstable economomic conditions and rising inflation. Before making a purchase of silver bullion bars one must think about factors such as size, checking different distributors, how easy it is to resell them and be aware of some privacy factors.

Size does matter when it comes to silver bars. Of course, one will not fail by buying any size, but there are a few pieces of information that can be valuable to know before making a purchase. For instance, contrary to what one may expect, smaller silver bars are more expensive than large silver bars. Why? Because the costs are lower when producing a larger block. Investors that wish to acquire large quantities of silver will therefore typically go for the larger silver bars.

Also, when it comes to the choice of bullion dealer one needs to be aware of that the cheapest silver bullion not always means the best silver bullion to buy. Unbranded silver bars can often be very cheap but these may be harder to sell, and can sometimes only be sold back to the party it was bought from. A wider choice of counterparties puts a seller in a much better position than being forced to accept the price of just one single buyer. There’s also a timing question as silver bullion bars that come from reputable and well-known dealers always will sell faster, and at a good price. So the cheapest way is not always the best way to go. The best price is thus the one that gets an investor an item that will serve his/her purposes the best.

Click on the links below to go straight to recommended silver bullion dealers.


Liberty Silver Estonia

Estonia – cheapest silver bullion

Liberty Silver Estonia offers a wide range of silver and gold bullion products. The main advantage with being based in Estonia is that there is no VAT levied on silver bullion coins. The people behinf Liberty Silver Estonia also run BullionStar Singapore and Liberty Silver Sweden. Their service is very reliable. The products you order can be shipped straight to your home.

Buy the cheapest silver bullion here:

Want to know what silver bullion to buy from Liberty Silver Estonia? Click here for more information: what silver bullion to buy Singapore

Singapore – cheapest silver bullion

Bullionstar is the premier bullion dealer in Singapore. The company was founded by the individuals who launched Liberty Silver Sweden as well as Liberty Silver Estonia – the main distributors in Sweden and Estonia. offers local storage in Singapore as well as the possibility of delivery to your home.

Right now you can get free local, high-secure, storage in Singapore with

Click: for buying the cheapest silver bullion


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  1. Ian

    Thanks for the great post on the cheapest silver bullion! Should I buy from Singapore or from Estonia? WHere can I find the cheapest silver bullion?
    thank you

  2. Bullpblack99 Post author

    Hi Ian. Thanks for the comment. To answer your question. It all depends on what you’d like to do. Both are valid options, but is the choice if you’d like to store the silver bullion (which makes sense since shipping costs would be higher). Libery Silver Estonia only delivers. From a diverification point of view I would use storage overseas and keep some precious metals closer to home. So maybe you should try both

    Peter Black

  3. Adam

    Appreciate the good advice and information on this site. No point in trying to find the cheapest silver bullion in the uk when you can buy vat free from estonia

  4. Wade_78

    Hi I’ve bought silver bullion from both liberty silver estonia and bullionstar. Both silver bullion coins and silver bullion bars. Has anyone bought gold bullion from estonia?


    1. RW1970

      Yes, it makes sense to buy gold bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia as well. I just checked BullionByPost and they are offering 1 oz Maple Leaf Gold coins for between £748-758 for 1-19 coins. Liberty Silver Estonia is offering the same coins for £750, for up to 19 coins. Over 19 coins will be cheaper for both dealers. So Liberty Silver is in this case cheaper than the dominating UK bullion dealer.

      When comparing the price for silver bullion coins the difference is very noticeable (this time for 1 oz Silver Bullion Maple Leafs). 1-25 coins is between £16.06-22.42 for BullionByPost and £11.67 for Liberty Silver Estonia

  5. Leif Andersson

    Hey I’ve bought gold from both bullionstar and liberty silver Estonia. Prices are competitive in both cases so you can definitely buy from any of these providers.

    1. Matthew H

      Yep I agree. I try to diversify as much as I can – having gold and silver bullion stored with in Singapore, as well as some gold bullion stored in the UK with a storage provider. The gold and silver bullion I buy from Liberty Silver Estonia I typically store at home and in other locations around me. There is a good article on this site that talks about various options. Not sure if you can link to it here in comments

      1. SilverInvestor

        Only problem when you are taking delivery of silver is that you can accumulate quite a lot of the metal. I try to buy a combination of bars and coins (from all mints). Storing with the bank, other locations and with dedicated bullion storage providers are some of the options I use.

  6. GaborB

    Does anyone know if the VAT window is closing anytime soon? Will want to accumulate as much cheap silver as I can 🙂

    1. Seth

      It was under review a while back if I recall correctly but the decision still stands. There is no VAT levied on silver bullion coin purchases in Estonia as these are considered legal tender. Under EU rules you would have to pay tax on silver bullion if it was shipped directly to you, but now it is “delivered” to the shipping company who thereafter delivers it to you as buyer.

  7. Jerry Farrell

    The idea behind the formation of the origonal E.E.C. was that all member countries would trade without a tax attached. ie A single market. If this basic criterium had followed true, there would possibly be no Greek crisis and Germany and France would not be writing the new constitution of the E.U. to suit themselves. And there would be free movement of all precious metals in the origons of the first member states. Me. I am a Liberty Silver Estonia fan for both precious metals. Building slowly and probably going to move some capital from a few sharesand buy more physical metals. I am waiting for the day when some major investors call in their gold and silver etf’s.

    1. Faisal

      Couldn’t agree more. Furthermore, an EU without unified financial accountability and “muscles” were never going to work. The debt levels for many of the EU countries are way above what ever has been repaid historically. The only “solution” will be default, currency debasement and financial turmoil…at some point. Until then I plan to gradually accumulate as much gold and silver bullion as I can

  8. Andrew1965

    Liberty Silver Estonia and BullionStar in Singapore are my main choices for buying silver bullion and gold. Having all my investments, savings and pension in stocks and bonds worries me. We have the lowest interest rates ever recorded in hundreds of years and stock markets are propped up by paper money. This won’t end well. Question is how long it will take for everything to crumble. I see my bullion as insurance

  9. Niel

    When I started getting interested in macroeconomics I assumed that the coming financial crash would be rather immediate. But these things take time to develop and the current unsustainable system of debt may take much longer to fall apart than most people think. And when it happens it will probably happen much quicker than anyone thinks

  10. Patrick75

    Couldn’t be more happy that the silver price is dropping again. Definitely using this as a buying opportunity.

  11. WilliamBl

    Hey. I’m a newbie in buying silver bullion. How much physical allocation are people here buying? I have savings in stocks and fonds. Mostly mutual funds, but now I want to move some money into silver and gold. Was thinking of buying silver bullion coins from liberty silver estonia

    1. Jamie P

      Hi William. It really depends on your preferences. If you would like to start buying physical gold and silver then why don’t you start doing so for example monthly or quarterly. An allocation of anywhere between 5-20% seems to be common among investors. Only buy the most common coins and bars to start of with. Here is a guide that will get you started for silver

  12. Lars

    Just want to say thank you for a great service. Couldn’t be more happy with having found this website that directed me to liberty silver estonia. Now I have used their services for purchasing bullion on three occasions. Glad to start diversifying out of paper investments

    1. LizaPl

      Couldn’t agree more. Bought way to much silver bullion from other dealers charging VAT until I found out about this opportunity

  13. TTr1980

    Just want to mention that now offers accounts so I was able to fund in USD. Easier to time investments now, especially in silver which moves a lot.

  14. ZZR

    Seems like the price of silver has reached some kind of bottom now. Been pretty much falling constantly since 2011. Both bullion and mining companies are really starting to look like bargains again. Even the bigger mining companies such as BHP Billiton etc

    1. TTr1980

      Yep looking at the prices for some of the major miners there is indeed a lot of value there. Just check out PICK etf. Consists of the biggest companies in mining and metals.

      Still….that is only speculation. I prefer to buy silver bullion as an insurance to complement my holdings in equities. Prices for silver bullion are now looking very attractive. I am definitely loading up on coins and bars.

  15. Britt

    The difference in price when using a bullion distributor that doesn’t charge VAT is significant. Not to mention when there also is a difference in price. I just checked BullionByPost the biggest UK bullion distributor and compared it to Liberty Silver Estonia. 1 Canadian SIlver Maple Leaf coin costs £22.74 with BullionByPost and £13.58 with Liberty Silver Estonia. A huge difference. BullionByPost is cheaper when you buy more coins. For example, 50 coins costs £16.98 so a lot cheaper but even when you look at the price without VAT it is more expensive ie £14.17. No reason to choose another provider in Europe in my view other than Liberty Silver Estonia


    1. HH1982

      Thanks for this overview about the cheapest bullion prices. Very helpful. I’d check the table on this page as well for a comparison with the biggest bullion distributors in the UK

      1. Jamie P

        Thanks. Interesting. BullionStar in Singapore would more or less be as cheap as Liberty Silver Estonia, so also a good option if you want to store your bullion somewhere else. They have the same owners so perhaps not surprising that prices roughly are the same. These guys also run the biggest bullion dealer in Sweden called Liberty Silver Sweden

  16. Jocke Berg

    Thanks for the information. Just googled the cheapest silver bullion and came across this website. Will have a closer look at ordering from Bullionstar och Liberty Silver Estonia


  17. UK silver bullion price comparison

    If you are looking for a price comparison for silver bullion among UK bullion distributors then have a look at the chart above which clearly illustrates how Liberty Silver Estonia and in Singapore are much cheaper than the UK bullion dealers. This is mostly due to the fact that VAT isn’t charged on silver bullion in Estonia and Singapore, but also because these companies simply are cheaper than their UK competitors even if VAT should be added.

    1. Cheapest Silver Bullion UK Post author

      (user comment added by moderator)

      I’m always trying to find the cheapest silver bullion coins and bars in the UK. Just did a quick comparison now with and liberty silver Estonia for 1oz silver eagle coins. would charge you £25.05 with vat and £20.87 without vat whereas Liberty silver Estonia ONLY £13.94.

      This is a big difference in price which is why I go for Liberty silver Estonia when trying to find the cheapest silver bullion

  18. Daniel V

    Someone here referred to the possibility of buying numismatic coins as well but when I checked BullionStar the coins in question were no longer in stock. Apparently they will buy all sorts of coins and then re-sell them which I think is really great. They will however not always add to this supply themselves

  19. SilverGirl

    Looks like silver bullion prices and the spot price for silver came off the low a month or so ago. Now we will see if support levels can hold. If it does I would feel good about adding some serious exposure even in non bullion products for pure speculation

  20. Gil

    If you rate BullionStar after making a purchase you will get some free bullion. Don’t know if they do this all of the time but they did just now when i bought


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