How to Save in Gold and Silver


The reasons behind owning gold, silver, platinum and palladium should be well known to you by now, if you’ve read a few of our articles.

Parts of these reasons are historical, and timeless, such as gold and silver being the ultimate stores of wealth and purchasing power. Others are more current, such as the coming ramifications of central bank actions.

Keeping interest rates low by conjuring money out of thin air is not sustainable. Eventually, the excess pools of cash will leave bonds and treasuries and float out into the real world, resulting in significantly increased inflation rates. When this does happen, precious metals will see parabolic rises.

This may also be the time when the exchange prices for gold and silver finally diverge from physical prices. As we’ve noted before, there is a clear discrepancy between the demand for physical gold and silver bullion, and demand for paper gold and silver.

With the case for gold and silver still intact, what are the options for buyers?

There is always the possibility of buying silver bars, gold bars, silver coins and gold coins. All of these are good options, but for some buyers it won’t tick all of the boxes – because of convenience and risk reduction reasons.

With you can utilize a gold and silver bar accumulation plan, by buying by the gram, incrementally increasing your holdings over a period of time – basically, save in gold and silver.

So why can an incremental, gold and silver savings plan be an attractive option?

First of all, it is very practical and convenient. Not all investors have the possibility of buying silver bars and gold bars, since the cost typically is high for these assets. Especially, when it comes to gold. By accumulating, or saving for, a full gold bar by the gram you don’t have to pay the full price all at once. This has many benefits which you shortly will see.

It also reduces your risk to use a gold and silver savings plan. By not putting the full amount of your ready capital at work all at once you are mitigating the price risk that you are taking, and “averaging into” your investment. Gold and silver prices have moved a lot lately and it’s difficult to time the market for any investor. Even professionals. A savings plan will easier allow you to, over time, get the most ounces for your fiat money.

It’s also prudent to buy gold and silver gradually since you reduce the risk you are taking when it comes to premiums. Whenever the market gets volatile, which it usually does when it drops, premiums will spike, making purchasing gold and silver bullion more expensive – at a time when you really would be interested in buying. You will therefore not necessarily pay a lower price just because the market has fallen. Utilizing a gold and silver accumulation plan will allow you to continuously buy into bullion, not having to worry about timing.

It’s furthermore, generally more cost effective to buy silver bars and gold bars, than buying coins individually.

There are other benefits with using gold and silver savings plan such as the fact that once you’ve accumulated a full bar you will have 100% physical ownership, with the bar registration number in you own account.

You will also have fully insured and secure storage in Singapore. This means that you don’t have to worry about keeping your silver bars or gold bars at home, risking burglary, or at the bank. The bank may seem like a good place to keep you precious metals but they won’t be insured and, in a time of crisis similar to what we saw in Cyprus or during the 2008 financial crisis, gaining access to your holdings quickly may prove difficult.

Finally, should you wish to do so you are both able to take delivery of your gold and silver bars as well as deposit your own gold and silver bars. You always have 24/7 online access to your storage account.

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