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Liberty Silver Estonia review
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On this page I will go through the following Liberty Silver Estonia Review points:

  1. Liberty Silver Estonia – the cheapest silver bullion
  2. Why VAT and tax free silver in Estonia
  3. About Liberty Silver Estonia
  4. Why buy bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia
  5. My own buying experience
  6. Step-by-step liberty silver Estonia buying guide

Buying silver bullion in most countries in Europe means having to pay VAT (Value Added Tax). The tax on silver bullion varies, but in many cases it can be up to 25%. That means that when you add the usual premium to the spot price plus the VAT levy for silver your break even level on your investment will be much higher than the actual silver spot price…not rarely a 150% increase will be required just to break even right after you’ve bought.

There is a way around this though. If you buy silver bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia you won’t have to pay VAT. There is still a premium as with any bullion distributor but as you shall see below Liberty Silver Estonias prices are highly competitive.

If you are interested in learning how Liberty Silver Estonia compare to other bullion dealers click here – Liberty Silver Estonia review

I use this company myself and can highly recommend it. Read on below for information about, my Liberty Silver Estonia review and how to buy the cheapest silver bullion VAT free in Europe.

1. Liberty Silver Estonia – the cheapest silver bullion

First of all, let’s have a quick look at how expensive it really is to buy silver bullion from a distributor outside of Estonia. Recently, I checked the price of Silver Maple Leafs with Liberty Silver Estonia and the biggest bullion distributor in the United Kingdom.


Spot price of silver – £9.90

Liberty Silver Estonia – £12 for one Silver Maple Leaf

UK bullion distributor – £23 for one Silver Maple Leaf (92% more expensive)

UK bullion distributor buy back price – £9.90

UK bullion distributor under water by 57% from day 1 AND 130% increase in price to get back to break even


Silver Maple Leafs was offered at £12 with Liberty Silver and £16.50 with the UK distributor for 50 silver maple coins. Just 1 silver maple coin with Liberty Silver was £12 and £23!!! with the UK distributor. The spot price at the time was around £9.90. The UK bullion distributor was buying back these coins at about £9.90.

Unless premiums rise significantly you are under water by almost 60% from day 1 by buying and selling silver coins in the UK.

I can highly recommend buying silver directly from Estonia from a trustworthy provider such as Liberty Silver Estonia. Read more below in my Liberty Silver Estonia review on why its possible to buy silver bullion coins 92% cheaper than with the biggest UK distributor.

2. Why VAT free and tax free silver in Estonia?


Liberty Silver Estonia sells silver bullion out of Estonia. The reason behind this is that silver coins are legal tender there and thus not levied with VAT/Sales tax.

Legal tender silver coins are fee of VAT/Sales tax in Estonia thus considerably cheaper to buy there compared to most other European countries. The people behind Liberty Silver Oü have vast experience from the precious metals industry – part of the team being involved in Singapore and Liberty Silver Sweden, both of which are dominating their local markets.

Don’t pay the extra 15-25% in VAT by buying silver bullion from the dealers in your own country when you with just a few clicks on the computer can get VAT free silver bullion delivered to your home with courrier. Turns out, that for smaller volumes these local distributors.

To go ahead and order directly, click on the link below.

3. About Liberty Silver Estonia


Liberty Silver OÜ was founded in 2011 to offer VAT-free silver coins. Even though certain silver coins are legal tender, most European countries levy them with VAT. Legal tender silver coins are however free of VAT in Estonia.

Liberty Silver OÜ offers the most common legal tender silver coins such as Silver Eagles, Silver Maples and Silver Philharmonics. Our ambition is to broaden our product supply continously to add more different varieties of silver coins.

Liberty Silver OÜ is partly founded by the same people who founded Liberty Silver AB in Sweden but the company is independent from Liberty Silver AB.

4. Why buy bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia


Below you’ll find a list of the main reasons for buying silver bullion and gold bullion from Liberty Silver.

1. Physical precious metals

2. Multiple delivery options

3. Very competitive prices

4. Wide range of products

5. Good customer service

6. Reliable and reputable company

7. International business

5. My own buying experience

I’ve only had good experiences buying from Liberty Silver Estonia. So far I’ve only bought silver bullion coins. They have a wide selection of 1oz coins such as Maple Leafs, Eagles, Philharmonics, Koalas, Brittanias, Kookaburras and Pandas as well as a number of 10oz coins such as Kookaburra and Lunar and finally a few 1kg coins – Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar.

Liberty Siler Estonia Silver Canadian Maple Leaf CoinLiberty Siler Estonia Silver PhilharmonicsLiberty Siler Estonia Silver American Eagle Coin

The ordering process has always been smooth as well as the delivery. Typically you will have your bullion delivered within 1-2 weeks depending on availability. Liberty Silver Estonia provides the option of arranging delivery with either UPS or GBS Logistics. I’ve used both with satisfaction.

So far there has been no hick-ups at all. For one of my orders I needed to change the amount of coins and emailed the company. Response and satisfactory handling of my request was done within 1 business day.

I can highly recommend using Liberty Silver Estonia. There may be a lack of research and news on their site but that can easily be accessed via which is run by the same people – and who provide the most extensive information out of all bullion distributors. When I buy from Liberty Silver I do it for the cheapest bullion silver prices. I suggest you do the same!

Please have a look at the step-by-step instructions and review I’ve written below.

——————————————— Review

Liberty – buy the cheapest silver bullion

If you are looking at buying the cheapest silver bullion coins tax free and VAT free within Europe then click on the link below. provides silver bullion without VAT.

To place an order click here:


6. Step-by-step Liberty Silver Estonia buying guide

The order process looks like this:

1. Order bullion from Liberty Estonias website review

Step 1: Choose the types of coins and/or bars that you wish to purchase and select the quantity

Step 2: Click on “Add to cart”

Step 3: The products that you’ve selected will now be visible in your shopping cart which you can see in the area to the right on the homepage

Step 4: When you are done shopping, click on “Checkout”

Step 5: Select the type of payment you prefer by clicking on the arrow in the “Payment Options” field. Then select delivery option by clicking on the arrow in the “Delivery Options” field


Step 6: If you have an account and you’re logged in, the information from your account will be filled in automatically. If you don’t have an account or if you are not logged in, you can simply fill in your customer information


Step 7: Click on “Confirm” to place your order when you have checked the check-boxes for the terms and conditions.

2. Viewing your orders


Once you’ve opened an account you will be able to view all of your orders, and the status of each of them, online

3. Paying for order

You can choose to pay either through direct bank transfer to Estonia or by paying with credit/debit cards. Currently, VISA and Mastercard are accepted payment options

4. Received email confirmation of order


Once you’ve completed your order you will receive an order confirmation. The order confirmation will include your order number as well as payment instructions. If you have selected “Shipping with GBS Logistics”, you can proceed to book shipping by clicking on the button “Book shipping here”.

Products ordered from Liberty Silver OÜ can be delivered to your delivery address when you book shipping with our preferred shipping partner GBS Logistics or instruct a courier to collect the products on your behalf.

The products are however delivered in Estonia. This means that you have to book shipping separately. Mail order businesses are subject to Article 34 of the EC-guideline 2006/112/EC and the therein established quotas which limit the international sales of VAT-liable goods. This guideline is, however, only applicable when we ship the goods to our clients. The quotas do therefore not apply when the goods are being collected personally or when the buyer instructs a courier service to collect and ship the products on the customers’ behalf.

5. Received payment instruction for shipping from payment provider


6. Received payment confirmation for shipping from payment provider


7. Received confirmation of payment for shipping from shipping company


8. Received shipping confirmation


9. Received delivery

One I received my package it looked like this.


10. Opened delivery

Please have a look at the video below to see how Liberty Silver Estonias delivery looks. The first video shows me opening the package.

The second video shows me bringing out the silver coins from the plastic containers.

Once the package was opened I had my new 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leafs from the 2015 mint at home – ready to be moved to my “offsite” storage.



Liberty Silver Estonia – cheapest European bullion

If you are looking at buying gold bullion and buying silver bullion tax free and VAT free within Europe then click on the link below. provides silver bullion without VAT being levied on the purchase amount.

To place an order click here:


LibertySilver Estonia video review

Click on play below to watch a video on buying bullion from Liberty Silver Estonia.


Liberty Silver Estonia

LibertySilver Estonia – 0% VAT silver bullion coins

If you are looking at buying gold bullion and buying silver bullion tax free and VAT free within Europe then click on the link below. provides silver bullion without VAT being levied on the purchase amount.

To place an order click here:


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3 thoughts on “Liberty Silver Estonia Review

  1. paul millward

    Hi have been buying silver in UK and am interested in purchasing some off liberty. Did the VAT change in 2014 or is it still VAT free thanks paul

    1. Bullpblack99 Post author

      Hi there. You can still buy silver free of VAT in Estonia with LibertySilver Estonia. You may also want to have a look at for tax free silver in Singapore. They have a great deal for local storage which is good for diversifying political/country risk


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