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How Do You Know Your Bullion is Real?

Investing in precious metals is a great way to keep your wealth safe. But how can you be sure that what you buy is genuine? You cannot expect every bullion sold in this world to be real because there are plenty people out there who will test your naivety and good faith, and try to sell you fake products. Thus, when you wish to engage in such transactions, you need to take all measures of precautions to make sure that what you buy is real, and your money is well spent. Here is what you need to know to make sure you don’t buy an ordinary metal, coated only with a precious metal.

Recent examples of fake bullion bars

First things first. Is it really true that fake bullion exist? Unfortunately, it is. Have a look at the images below for some examples of a fake bullion bar.


This bar was found in 2012.


If you would like to read further about the case above then visit ZeroHedge by clickign here.

How to make sure your bullion is real

Below you’ll find some information on what you can do to safeguard yourself and ensuring that your bullion is real.

  • Get the bullions checked before reaching for your pocket

There are X-ray spectrometers, ultrasound readers, and electromagnetic force compensation scales, which are used to determine the originality and purity of precious metal bullions. They can immediately notice if a bullion is of pure silver, or only a tungsten bar with a silver coating. The DUX testing system is one of the most reliable method existent on the market, and it is used by reputable bullion distributors, as they also need to check these products before buying them from their owners. The DUX testing is extremely accurate and will not fail.

  • How do I know if the bullions from the provider are genuine?

Well, to avoid any scams, don’t purchase from anyone claiming to have a bullion for sale, no matter how attractive the price might be. Always go for the reputable distributors, as their prestige in selling real products is well known. You can easy check them by looking at their background, previous activity and reputation in the business. And, if there are any signs of doubt, you can always perform a DUX test.

  • Is it safe to use acid tests on bullions?

It is advisable not to do so. Acid can damage the aspect of the bullion, and such testing kits are not allowed to be transported by plane. Plus, they are not very efficient since they get to test only the surface of the bar, and not the core, leading you into error.

  • How do I know the presented DUX report is not a fake?

If the seller presents you with a DUX reports, which states the reliability of the bullion, you can always check the report out to see if it is genuine, in case you have any doubts. The DUX system has an online database that can be accessed. You can find here the exact test presented, and you can compare your copy with the results found online. If it is fake, you can report it further, and not buy the bullion.

  • How can I test a bullion without a serial code?

When tested through the DUX methods, a bullion will receive a Tamper Proof Label, or TPL, which will match the results of the test. This label cannot be removed in the future, and the results will always be available, by accessing the online database. So you don’t even need a printed copy of the DUX testing, as you can take the TPL label and check its corresponding results online.


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