What Silver Bullion To Buy

Before you decide to make a purchase of silver bullion you need to decide what silver bullion to buy. I recommend choosing actual silver coins and silver bars over so called incremental purchases. Using incremental purchases means buying silver bullion by the gram. For a location such as Singapore and a dealer as BullionStar.com you will still have high security and trustworthiness – BUT there are major advantages in going with actual coins and bars.


The main reason is that you buy buy silver bullion is probably as a crisis hedge not as speculation. Buying physical silver coins and bars means that you at any time can have them delivered to your home or pick them up and take them with you. That’s the ultimate form of diversification and insurance policy. If you buy by the gram you won’t be able to do so. This comes close to simply speculating in the price movements of silver which you for example can do in ETFs which hold actual silver bullion.

Therefore, I always recommend that you make sure to have at least 10-20% of your assets in physical precious metals in several locations. Singapore is the best choice for both buying and storing and Estonia is the best choice in Europe for buying silver bullion.

What silver bullion you should buy

So what type of silver coins and bars should you buy? Here are some suggestions and links to my preferred silver bullion dealers.

Silver bars

silver bullion bar

Silver bars come in very many shapes and sizes. They usually have a weight starting with 1 oz. and go up to 100 oz. Regarding their purity, they are always .995 and above. Some of the most well-known silver bars brands are Engelhard, PAMP, Metalor, Umicore and Johnson Matthey. Also, you might find art silver bars. They have the same features as any silver bar, the only thing differentiating them being an intriguing image on the bar. And for this reason, they will sell at a premium.

Silver American Eagle (1 oz) Coin

Silver American Eagle Coin

The coin is the mint of the United States and was first released on the 24th of November 1986. It has a silver purity of 99.9%, guaranteed by the United States Mint, and you can find it in three different mints, belonging to three different manufacturing periods and locations. Thus, there is the Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint, and the West Point Mint.

For more information about the American Silver Eagle visit the United States Mint website.

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf (1 oz) Coin

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin is one of the finest in the world, having a purity of silver of 99.99%. It was first introduced by the Canadian Government in 1988, and it has the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the Canadian Maple Leave of the reverse. You can find it in three standard editions, with three different portraits of the Queen, and several special editions, like anniversaries, Zodiac series, nature-related themes, or the colored and hologram editions.

For more information about the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs visit the Canadian Mint website.

Silver Austrian Philharmonic (1 oz) Coin

Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin

Compared with the rest of the silver coins, the Silver Austrian Philharmonic (1 oz.) Coin is a relatively recent one. Made by the Austrian Mint, starting with 2008, it ended up being the highest minted and the most appreciated coin coming from Europe. It contains .999 silver, and from 2008 to 2012, the coin was sold in a staggering number of 54 million units. The reverse contains the image of a harp, violin, cello, flute, bassoon, and French horn. And the obverse has a pipe organ.

For more information about the Austrian Silver Philharmonics visit the Austrian Mint website.

Numismatic silver coins and semi-numismatic silver coins

Once you’ve got a “healthy” allocation to silver bullion you can start looking at adding numismatic and semi-numismatic coins to your collection. It can be difficult to navigate this area at first as you can choose from coins both with a high and low silver content, different types and different years of minting. Start off with reading further on PCGS website: http://www.pcgs.com/

Where to buy silver bullion bars and coins

My preferred silver bullion dealers are based in Singapore and Estonia – two locations where you are able to buy silver without paying VAT/tax. If you would like to know more about how to buy the cheapest silver bullion then click the link. See below for recommended providers.


Buy silver bullion in Singapore and in Estonia

Use the links below to access the two best silver bullion distributors directly.

Buy silver bullion coins in Estonia

Liberty Silver Estonia

what silver bullion coins to buy

Click here to buy silver bullion coins: https://libertysilver.es/en/

Buy silver bullion coins in Singapore

BullionStar.com Singapore

Buy silver bullion coins

Click here to buy silver bullion coins: https://www.bullionstar.com/buy/silver_coins

Buy silver bullion bars in Singapore

BullionStar.com Singapore

Buy silver bullion bars

Click here to buy silver bullion bars: https://www.bullionstar.com/buy/silver_bars


How to store silver bullion

After you’ve made your purchase you need to decide if you would like to store your bullion locally or take delivery of the bullion and store it near your residence or at your residence. You should always aim for a combination to improve your diversification – having your bullion on multiple places in multiple geographical locations.

If you’d like to learn more about how to store your bullion then click here: how to store your bullion

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