Why Buy Gold and Silver Bullion in Singapore


There are a many reasons why you should consider holding parts of your precious metal possessions in foreign locations. The most important factor is to get jurisdictional diversification. If you keep all of your assets in one single country you are taking a great risk. Going global now with your assets helps mitigate four serious risks to your financial health:

• Confiscation or Outlawing of personal gold ownership.

• Capital Controls – the government limits or denies a citizen’s right to carry or send any form of money abroad.

• Administrative Actions – seizure of property by a government agency without notice or due process. Becoming enmeshed in a frivolous civil lawsuit.

• Currency debasement/inflation that will lower one’s standard of living and destroy wealth not ad­equately protected.

These risks can be reduced but not completely eliminated. There is no perfect solution. Nonetheless, political diversity is an essential element of an overall protection strategy against an uncertain future.

When diversifying internationally it is important to be aware of that foreign held assets require more planning:

• Access to your precious metals may not be quick and easy. Foreign held bullion is for those with sufficient gold and silver already stored at or near home. Storing all your precious metals overseas defeats one of its purposes – to have it handy for an emergency.

• The receipt of proceeds after a sale will take time. The delay between selling your foreign-held gold and receiving the funds can be days. Offshore gold should not be considered as ready cash.

• While the US may pose the greatest threat, a foreign government could move to control certain assets as well. The risk varies by country and is generally greater within the banking system than with a private vaulting facility. Evaluate a country before making a selection. Choose a location with a history of strong depositor protection, governed by the rule of law, and solid property rights – and select a vault with the highest reputation.

• Understanding and complying with reporting requirements is essential.

The bottom line: gold stored abroad is all about minimizing risks and maximizing options. As your metal hold­ings grow and governments become increasingly desperate, diversification becomes increasingly important.

One of the safest locations that you can choose when buying gold and silver bullion is Singapore. It has one of the strongest economies and financial situations in the world as well as a very high level of security.

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